Harry KaneĀ 

Gratitude List 10/02/2018 
Gratitude to a lovely evening with my girlfriend and son yesterday.

Gratitude for my daughter’s sleepover at a friend’s last night. Sounds like they had an amazing time.

Gratitude to the Winter Olympics. That’s my next couple of weeks sorted.

Gratitude to Harry Kane. šŸ˜‰

Gratitude to an increasing ability to stay calm and not get wound up.

Gratitude for my personal recovery and subsequent serenity. Long may it continue.

Gratitude for hindsight and the lessons I can take from it.

Gratitude for my current momentum with my prayers. Stronger, more often, better connection = increased faith.

Gratitude for the higher ground and the courage to stay there.

Gratitude for this list. Missed one yesterday!