Warmth and Brightness 

Gratitude List 11/02/2018 
To the sun and its warmth and brightness. Everything is that bit more beautiful when it shines.

For the gratitude lists I get to read every day. Inspiring, uplifting and motivating.

For freshly cooked food. Haven’t owned a microwave for almost 2 years and haven’t missed it at all.

For a good night’s sleep. I know some struggle.

The respective health and happiness of everyone I know, as well as my own.

That I have a connection with a higher power. Some days the connection is stronger than others but I have faith it is always there unconditionally if I want it. How strong depend on my efforts.

My phone and the ability it brings to connect with people. Unity in all groups of life is something worth fighting for.

For all the messages and blogs that make me want to be the best person possible.