Gratitude List 17/02/2018 
I am realising how intolerant I was. As destructive a defect it can be, possessing tolerance as a strength of character kicks it’s ass! Huge gratitude to…

Not suffering the rage that intolerance creates.

But instead having the serenity that tolerance delivers.

Not escalating disagreements.

But instead ‘nipping it in the bud’.

Not harming the ones you love.

But instead being considerate and understanding.

Not getting frustrated and angry.

But instead wearing a loving smile.

Not fighting the fight.

But instead accepting.

Not creating a resentment.

But instead making amends.

I am no way near perfect and I accept I never will be. I am human. But the benefits are there, clear to see and I am very grateful for finding tolerance, life is far more peaceful with it.