Mont Rioj

Such a beautiful village just south of Barcelona. So peaceful. Amazing community spirit. Huge gratitude to the simple life.


Gratitude List 23/02/2018

Gratitude for the sound of waves.

Gratitude to the sea and its tranquility and vastness.

Gratitude for the sun reflecting off the water. So beautiful.

Gratitude for mountains. I am often in awe when I look up at them or down from them.

Gratitude to places of worship. There’s so much belief, faith, serenity, hope and strength for me to draw upon.

Gratitude for the serenity I have today and the positivity and opportunities that come with it. There’s so much I can’t do without it.

Gratitude for good food. Plentiful is an understatement. Like my girlfriend says ‘I don’t (or physically can’t) snack in between.

Gratitude for being treated so well by my girlfriend’s family. They’re super friendly hosts and very welcoming.

Gratitude for being present (physically and mentally) and supporting my girlfriend when she needs it. Work it, she’s worth it.

Gratitude for my phone which enables me to call my children every day. I miss them dearly.