A Day Off

Gratitude List 03/04/2018

I gave myself a day off from the good work I’ve been doing on my self. My reasons for doing so seemed fine at the time – it was Good Friday, my children were with me, there was lots of lovely food to have with lots of lovely people. Furthermore, I’d been working on my recovery solidly for almost a month, surely I was entitled to a day off. Surely I wouldn’t suffer. That one day off became two and in a blink of an eye those two became three. Complacency? Thankfully, I am out the other side and feeling strong. I can only speak for myself but I am very grateful for the valuable lessons I have learnt…..

That my sickness does not take a day off.

That my defects will arise in time. A surprisingly short amount of time.

That I can make life and relationships very difficult.

That I have to be very careful with complacency – cunning, baffling and powerful springs to mind.

That I isolate myself, especially from those in recovery. Madness!

That I much prefer being a better person.

That it only takes one step in the right direction and I’m back feeling better.

But most importantly I have learnt that the program works!!