Gratitude List 04/04/2018

I have wrote about this recently, but it keeps coming to the forefront of my thinking – predominantly when I am using water in some way. I believe it is evidence that gratitude is giving me new eyes to see with, a new way of thinking and living. The thoughts that spring to mind are – “I am so lucky to have it so I should drink it for the health benefits” , but also “I should treat the privilege with respect and not waste a single drop!” I now find myself trying to transfer this way of thinking to many things I normally take for granted.

Money. Something I have no problem using but I still need to learn to respect it, especially considering my past. I have a strong desire to not waste a single penny and to put it to good use.

Simple things like soap. Like water I am so fortunate to have it. With it I am able to clean away germs and bacteria which could lead to illness. Again I want to respect that privilege and use it because I can but I also don’t want to waste it by throwing it away too early or using too much at one time.

My home. I want to fill my home with joy and happiness as much as I can. I can also treat it with respect by keeping it clean and tidy and appreciating it’s warmth, comfort and security.

Food. I have no problem eating food. I love food! I’m also pretty good at not wasting it – although, is overeating wasting food? Recently I have been stopping mid-meal and really appreciating the next bite. Another way I respect food, not that I do it often, is to say a blessing before each meal. Each meal is indeed a blessing so why not.

My job. Without it I’d be in serious trouble, yet I have risked it on many occasions, through my behaviour. I have improved but I still suffer from laziness and procrastination. There are many that would love a job. Any job. I need to try and make my job work for me, try my hardest and try to enjoy it.

Education. I am fortunate to be in a position where I have many opportunities to learn. This is something I do not take advantage of as much as I should and when I do, do I really focus and take it in? I shouldn’t waste these opportunities. I could think the same about my recovery.