Slooooowly but surely

Gratitude List 06/04/2018

I can’t deny that every month, financially things are tight and this will continue to be the case for several years. Despite accepting this, things are slowly improving and when I think about the subtle differences between now and 18 months ago I realise they’re not subtle at all! Yes, for sure, things could be better but I am hugely grateful for these improvements and hope for the future.

The biggest contrast is the simple fact things aren’t getting worse. I am no longer digging deeper and deeper into the red.

I am grateful that things can get better. For example, I still show a lack of immaturity when it comes to money. That means there is scope for improvement and that’s a big positive.

Currently, my bills are being paid and being paid on time! No more waiting to intercept the postman. No more desperate calls to the bank. No more pay day loans to get through the month.

I am not proud of how I used to acquire money, whether it be through over-borrowing or manipulation. As much as I regret this, I have forgiven myself and I’m in the middle of making amends. Most importantly – I’m not doing it anymore!

I am no way near perfect but this week has proved I am getting better. I started this week with a small amount of money in my pocket, and I still have a small amount left.

As well as my management of bills I am beginning to be more responsible in other ways. I can provide more, whether it be for food or for a birthday gift. Basically I spend my hard earned money on things I should do – most of the time.

Sloooooowly but surely my credit score is increasing.

I am also more organised. No longer am I purposely NOT looking at my online banking or statements. I check on them daily and I’m using spreadsheets and budgets.

I still struggle to be 100% open with regards to what I spend my money on, but it is a huge improvement from being pretty much 100% dishonest!

As I’ve recently shared, my biggest change for the better is my very recent respect for money. Not only with regards to the money itself but also towards those who would love to have the money I do have.