Just Enough

Gratitude List 09/04/2018

It would be easy for me to dwell in the past with an abundance of regret, guilt and self pity and think ‘things could’ve been better’. Thankfully, due to the recovery program I am working, I believe that everything happened for a reason and I now think ‘things could’ve been worse’.

I could’ve easily lost more.

More money.

More trust.

More friendships.

More relationships.

My home.

My sanity.

My life.

I am truly grateful that I didn’t lose more than what I did. But I am also grateful for everything I gained on the way to my rock bottom, including all the pain and destruction. Had I not experienced it I wouldn’t be where I am today – in recovery and striving to be a better person. I genuinely believe that my higher power guided me to just enough pain and destruction to make me seek help. Had it been too little I’d still be out there. He did what he had to do. It was part of my design for living.