Gratitude List 10/04/2018

I’ve always had optimism on my side. I think it’s something to do with being an English Spurs fan – us unfortunates have no other choice but to remain optimistic! So I’ve always had hope for the future – thinking everything will turn out ok. The difference now is, my hope is based on sincerity, faith and hard work, whereas in the past it was based on desperation, denial and immaturity. My gratitude today surrounds the action I am taking that provides that positive difference.

The recovery program I have, am and God willing always will be working to the best of my ability.

An honest and fearless inventory I am trying to do on a daily basis – being honest with myself.

My willingness to be completely honest.

The fact I have a safe place to be honest with others.

The people who inspire and motivate me to put in that diligent effort.

The people who guide me and kick me up the arse if I become complacent.

The knowledge and proof that ‘it works if you work it’.

My growing faith and connection with my higher power. Honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, recovery, prayer and meditation worked for me. Cant imagine life without it.

The serenity and connection I am feeling from writing my gratitude lists. I’ve never been happier with life.