Gratitude List 11/04/2018

Gratitude surrounds me at the moment. At this very precise moment. It always is, I just need to stop and open my eyes and heart to it. It may have taken me ten minutes or so to write this list but the actual experience lasted only a few seconds. That’s not to say my gratitude didn’t continue afterwards but the point I’m trying to make is the amount of gratitude I had in that short amount of time.

The comfort I feel.

The smiles.

The 80s music on the radio.

The sound of chatter and laughter.

The silence that surrounds the noise.

The fact I’m where I should be.

My lack of thinking.

My serenity. My connection.

My health and wellbeing.

My senses.

My breathing. My heart beating. My life.

If you stopped right now and opened your eyes and heart, what gratitude would you feel?