Gratitude List 16/04/2018

Today I am grateful for spending a lovely Sunday with the people I love the most. It was my sons 16th birthday during the week and yesterday my girlfriend and I hosted a gathering for my family to celebrate. It was a beautiful afternoon. Huge gratitude to…..

My son. He’s growing up so fast and so well. Yes, there are things I would love him to do differently but I love him and the person he’s becoming. He was happy to sit and enjoy the moment with his family. It felt great. Very proud dad!

My daughter. She had a friend with her at the party. Their friendship was a beautiful thing to watch. So many smiles, so much laughter. They had a great time.

My girlfriend. I couldn’t have done it without her. I couldn’t have picked a better girlfriend or a better step-mum to my kids. There’s nothing I love more than to sit and watch how well they get on. Heart warming moments.

My family. It’s always so nice to see us altogether. I’m fortunate that this happens on a regular occurrence as we don’t live far away and we all get on. We’ve all had difficult times in our lives but we’ve ALWAYS had each other.

My home. I am so grateful for the ability to host an afternoon like we did. We are fortunate to have the space and capability to invite people over. But it’s not just our home, but the food, the drink, the presents and the simple fact we were able to afford it.

My presence. Most importantly I was there, physically and spiritually there to appreciate it. Not somewhere else. Many times before I have been somewhere else, whether in body or spirit and missed the beauty of such an afternoon.