Gratitude List 20/04/2018

Last February, for the first time in my life, I sought connection with my higher power. I honestly believe that my higher power has always been there for me. Waiting. Guiding. Doing what He needed to do to make me see the light (pardon the expression).

Last January, if I had known I was going to write what I just wrote above, I would have laughed aloud. Anyway, how time has changed. And for the better.

I don’t think I will ever be able to define my higher power. For me it’s a combination of many things – the universe, recovery, life, love, wisdom, experience, faith, motivation, inspiration, action, the air we breathe…. I genuinely could go on and tomorrow I could discover another. One day I will connect with one, another day something different, another day all of them. Despite being varied, one thing is consistent throughout, they are all much more powerful than I am and if I believe or at least be willing to believe I can draw strength from each one.

I should add that I do believe in a God too. As phrased in Bill’s story “who am I to say there isn’t.”

Today I am very grateful for what my higher powers have given me. My list below refers to what I believe I have gained. The same things were there before, within my grasp, but I didn’t take them. I needed help.

– The desire to be a better person and the courage to do something about it and take action.

– Choice (in itself) and the wisdom to make the right choice.

– My sanity and the tools I have to maintain it.

– Acceptance and the serenity I need to use it.

– Opportunities and the motivation to grasp them.

– Hope.

– Willpower.