The Little Moments

Gratitude List 24/04/2018

On 16th February 2017 my life began to turn around 180 degrees. I turned my back on a life of immaturity, destruction and misery and headed towards a life of love, recovery and hope. In a way, my life has also gone full circle – back to my childhood where I was happily being guided by others and enjoying each moment with very little fear. Have I returned to living in the now? With this new design for living I find myself once more enjoying little moments throughout the day, moments that passed me by because my mind was preoccupied with stinky thinking, moments I’m not going to miss anymore.

Having breakfast with my girlfriend.

Enjoying the company of my family, friends and colleagues.

Learning something new.

Listening to a story.

Laughing at humour.

Tasting good food.

Seeing beauty.

Getting inspired by a share.

Feeling an embrace.

Being there for somebody.

Taking part.

Relaxing by myself.

Connecting with life.

Have a blessed day all