Gratitude List 29/04/2018

I am truly blessed to have found some serenity in my life. Its a beautiful feeling to not have to think so much. A stark contrast to the washing machine head I used to have. I am very grateful for the moments and places I can find that peace of mind.

– In parkland with the birds and the trees.

Highgate Woods, London

– Whilst having a shower or bath.

– When looking up at the sky. Whether it’s the blue sky, the clouds, or a starry night.

Sunset in Hertford, England

– During an embrace with my daughter.

– When living in the now and appreciating the present moment.

– By a river, brook, stream or at the coast with the sound of running water or waves crashing.

Lake District, England

Sardinia, Italy

– At a church. Either empty or full of people with faith. Witnessing faith brings me an abundance of comfort and hope.

Saint Pancras Church, London

– When facing and feeling the sun’s light and warmth.

– On the top (or bottom) of a fell or mountain with the breathtaking views. A mountain range with a waterfall would be ideal. There’s clearly something soothing about water!

Lake District, England

Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain

– During meditation and prayer. Thoughts will come, but as easy as they come, I can let them go.

– When I close my eyes and take a breath. This could be anywhere, at anytime.

– When I’m grateful.