Gratitude List 01/09/2018

Today, my girlfriend and I visited Dover Castle in Kent. It was a lovely trip which I have already expressed gratitude for. What occurred to me today is the reality of our history. This stuff actually happened. It’s not just words in a text book.

I think I’ve been in a bubble my whole life to the extent that I was blind to reality. Today I am grateful for the reminder of all that is real….

– Thousands of people over the years have lost their lives. In doing so, I live the free life I do today.

– I do live on a planet that is just one of the billions of planets and stars in an vast universe.

– Change is possible. I do not have to be the person I assumed I’d always be.

– There is more to my body than blood, flesh and bones. There is a soul and a spirit.

– People are struggling for different reasons all over the world. Right now. How can I forget this.

– I am sick. In certain situations, I can never be normal again.