Coincidence? I think not.

Gratitude List 06/09/2018

– I am grateful to be open to guidance and change.

– I am grateful to have a desire to be free of my self will.

– I am grateful my difficulties are leaving me.

– I am grateful my positive changes are having a positive effect on those around me.

– I am grateful to hand over everything. Even the parts of me I perceive to be good.

– I am grateful my defects of character are being removed.

– I am grateful to be useful.

– I am grateful for the strength to let go.

– I am grateful for waking up this morning with the same things I was thankful for last night.

My gratitude represents how I feel today, how I felt yesterday and God willing how I’ll feel tomorrow. There is a common factor in everything listed above…. I pray for them morning and night.

Another 3 things I am grateful for today are….

– accepting the things I cannot change.

– the courage to change the things I can.

– the wisdom to know the difference.

Again, the common factor is prayer. Not just every morning and night but at the end of every meeting too. Is it coincidence that what I am grateful for happens to be the answers to my prayers? Are these extravagant promises? I think not.