A few short moments

Gratitude List 11/09/2018

Waking up in itself is a true blessing. Even thinking this way is another. From the very moment I opened my eyes this morning I have so much to be grateful for.

Within a few short moments, today I am already grateful for:

– waking up in a bed.

– waking up with my sanity.

– waking up with my senses intact.

– waking up having the ability to move.

– waking up in good health.

– waking up with abstinence.

– waking up with a desire to get well.

I’m also grateful for the things I don’t do anymore:

– waking up and suffering with an emotional hangover.

– waking up and having that overwhelming excitement my illness used to bring.

– waking up and instantly creating a dishonest plan.

– waking up powerless, immature and in denial.

A grateful memory

White Cliffs of Dover 2/9/2018

Grateful for the message