2 again…

Gratitude List 13/09/2018

Despite being 21 again next year, today, I celebrate my 2nd birthday. Clearly I’m referring to my second life. How lucky is that! To have two goes at it – I am truly blessed. I sincerely feel reborn. Unlike my first life, I can recall on my pre-existance. I have a wealth of experience, good and bad, that I can draw on in my attempt to be the best person possible.

Today I am grateful for:

– all the support I have received in the last two years. I could not and cannot do this by myself.

– all the positive actions I have taken over the last two years.

– all the negative actions I didn’t take.

– all the experience, strength and hope I have listened to.

– all the lessons I have learnt and the tools I have gathered as a result.

– all the strengths I have gained despite having to initially Google their meaning!

– the day at a time attitude. One day at a time with abstinence. One day at a time in recovery.

– the huge improvements in my relationships. From that with my kids to that with the shop owner downstairs.

– the service I have done. Thinking of and doing things for others takes me out of self and completes my recovery.

Grateful for the memory

Sunrise in Northern Catalonia, July 2018

Grateful for the message