The force is strong…

Gratitude List 14/09/2018

Wow wow wow. What an evening! Experience, strength, hope, honesty, pain, recovery, unity and spirituality. As Yoda once said ‘the force is strong with this one.’ I couldn’t agree more my little green beauty!!

Today I am extremely grateful ….

– for my seat in the room. Some don’t even know they exist.

– for those people who make these seats available. Imagine no room? Imagine no literature? Imagine no seats?

– for all those bums on those seats. This is a we program, not a me program. I cannot do this by myself!

– the several glances people shared in the room. Glances that simply acknowledged the power that was being created.

– for the motivation and inspiration to work even harder. ‘Good is the biggest enemy to best’. Now that I can totally relate too. My socks are going to look like leggings after I pull them up!

– For how many times the word ‘steps’ was spoken. Each time brought a smile to my face.

– that God willing, I get to experience this again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again!

– for feeling part of something special. We all have an opportunity to save thousands of lives. Can anything be more special?

Grateful for the memory

Port Isaac, UK, summer 2016

Grateful for the message

Thank you Marie!

Author: gratitude4gratitude

A relative newbie to gratitude. Starting each day with a gratitude list sets me up for the day. This small effort starts a domino effect of positive action and subsequent serenity.

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