Warmth of my skin

Gratitude List 16/09/2018

The way I feel right now, can’t be put it into words. It’s not that I’m on a huge high or super happy, I’m just very calm, serene and taking things in. It’s a feeling I often get when I’m doing my gratitude list. I think it’s gratitude for life. Life is amazing, what a blessing it truly is.

– For the air in my lungs.

– For my beating heart.

– For the blood in my veins.

– For the warmth of my skin.

– For the weight on my feet.

– For the company of others.

– For the opportunities I have.

– For the happiness and enjoyment.

– For the experiences and memories.

– For the hope I possess.

– For the life that’s worth living.

To think my precious life was once dictated by fear and resentment. No more. Not another second.

Grateful for the memory

Lake District, UK 2016