I will not try and fix you

Gratitude List 19/09/2018

Recognising my powerlessness over certain things was the first step I took in my recovery. As my recovery has progressed I have come to realise three things:

– how many things I am powerless over.
– how complete my powerlessness is.
– once I accepted my powerlessness, and stopped trying to enforce my unwanted power, all these things have improved tenfold.

Today I am grateful for the things I have stopped trying to fix. It’s no coincidence that the same things started to fix themselves.

– I am powerless over my future. Fear is being replaced with gratitude for the present moment.

– I am powerless over the past. Regret and guilt are being replaced with forgiveness and making amends.

– I am powerless over how people think, what they say, what they decide and how they behave. Manipulation, frustration and resentment are being replaced with acceptance, consideration, the law of attraction and better relationships.

– I am powerless over the consequences of my actions, good or bad. Fear and expectation are being replaced with ‘letting go’ and gratitude.

– I am powerless over my compulsions. Destruction and harm (to myself and others) are being replaced with spirituality and recovery.

– I am powerless over events, big or small. Blame and self pity are being replaced with serenity and accepting ‘life on life’s terms’.

– I am powerless over my imperfections. Self loathing and judgement are being replaced with self love, action and progression.

Grateful for the memory

Wasdale, Lake District, UK, July 2018

Author: gratitude4gratitude

A relative newbie to gratitude. Starting each day with a gratitude list sets me up for the day. This small effort starts a domino effect of positive action and subsequent serenity.

2 thoughts on “I will not try and fix you”

  1. Powerful, I simply so love this one G. I have tried to help clients so much see some of these things especially wanting to blame others for everything and have expectations they may not even be able to uphold for themselves. Trying to fix the other and keep having stress at not ‘succeeding’ in the trying to fix them. I learned all these long ago when I started my healing journey, the book The Four Agreements nailed it firm for me. Thanks so much for all the sharing

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