Appreciate the now

Gratitude List 21/09/2018

Although it will take me a solid twenty minutes to put into words, this list reflects on just a few seconds of mindfulness whilst I lay on my bed. I love to just stop wherever I am and take in my surroundings. What can I see? What can I hear? What can I feel? What can I smell? By doing so, I am showing a deep appreciation for the present moment and as a bonus my mind is unable to dwell in the past or project into the future.

Today I am grateful for what I can see:

– a beautiful vast blue sky.

– the miracle of life within nature.

– memories exhibited in photographs.

– a wardrobe full of clothes.

– colour.

Today I am grateful for what I can hear:

– the wind blowing.

– the birds whistling.

– distant joy of children at break-time.

– the silence and calmness that surrounds the noise.

Today I am grateful for what I can feel:

– painfree(ish), calm, comfortable, warm, clean, supported, motivated, inspired, serene, sane, free, secure, safe, hopeful.

Today I am grateful for what I can smell:

nothing. Ok I can’t smell a nice dinner being cooked, or a nice flower or scent but nothing can be good. Nothing means I can’t smell anything bad – no sewers, no poisoness fumes, no lethal gases, no burning, no chemical weapons, no blood, no death. Some people smell things like this everyday.

Ok make that a solid thirty minutes!! 😊

Grateful for the memoryDeal, UK, summer 2018