Love thy neighbour

Gratitude List 22/09/2018

Today my gratitude reflects on what other people have in their lives. I’ve always wished others good health and happiness but going beyond that hasn’t always come naturally to me, I was so self-orientated and suffered hugely from resentment, jealousy and envy. Today I am genuinely happy for other people.

Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Today I am grateful for:

– their success.

– their abstinence.

– their confidence.

– their ambition.

– their contentment.

– their recovery.

– their intelligence.

– their honesty.

– their finances.

– their possessions.

– their faith.

Not being grateful for the above shows what mental state I was once in. How things have changed šŸ˜Š

Author: gratitude4gratitude

A relative newbie to gratitude. Starting each day with a gratitude list sets me up for the day. This small effort starts a domino effect of positive action and subsequent serenity.

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