Back in the flow

Gratitude List 23/09/2018

From my own little world I have stepped back into the flow of life. That’s how I feel right now as I travel to work on the London underground. I look at the people around me and I feel a part. Just as they are part of mankind, I am too. From this place I am able to enjoy all aspects of life.

Today I am grateful:

– I can enjoy opportunities rather than endure limitations.

– my mind is open to all possibilities and not closed to any outside inference.

– I can embrace the good instead of being blind to it and only seeing the worse.

– I can see the bigger picture and not suffer with tunnel vision.

– I acknowledge beauty instead of ignorantly passing it by.

– I know change is possible and I am not stuck with who I am.

– my life is guided by a power greater than myself rather than being dictated by my compulsions, fear and resentment.

– I choose gratitude over expectations.

– I feel connected and not alone.

Grateful for the memory

My award winning son, Summer 2018