A spiritual connection

Gratitude List 24/09/2018

‘We seek spiritual progression, not spiritual perfection.’

Such an important phrase in my recovery.

‘To the best of my ability.’

Just as important.

Personally, I can find this to be a bit of a balancing act – I can’t beat myself up for not being perfect, but I also can’t use that imperfection as an excuse for not doing my best. I have to accept that my best ability will never be enough for perfection, I need to find the courage to do my best nevertheless, and I need the wisdom to know whether to use acceptance, use courage or use a bit of both.

Thankfully I have a power greater than myself to help me decipher this complicated conundrum my mind has created. Just let the decision go. Just let it go.

Today I am grateful for:

– the knowledge, gained through reading listening, life experience and a spiritual connection

– the acceptance of progression, gained through finding humility and a spiritual connection.

– the courage to do, gained through honesty, motivation, inspiration and a spiritual connection.

– the wisdom to know the difference, gained through practice, habit and a spiritual connection.

– guidance and strength, gained through prayer, meditation and yes, a spiritual connection.

A clear indication of how important my spiritual connection is. I can only speak for myself, but I am lost without it, I need it.