What a diamond

Gratitude List 26/09/2018

My daughter celebrates her 10th birthday today. Wow, how time flies! Unsurprisingly, my list today reflects on how amazing she is. As much as I hope some of my strengths rub off on her, the law of attraction goes both ways. This teacher remains teachable and I’m learning loads from this little bundle of joy.

– Today I am grateful for her smile. It’s incredibly infectious. I can picture it now.

– Today I am grateful for her affectionate hugs. So much love is felt and I can’t wait to have my cuddle this evening.

– Today I am grateful for her happiness – it’s rarely effected. If it is, it bounces back within seconds.

– Today I am grateful for her forgiveness. Its upsetting but incredibly humbling that she has forgiven me so much already.

– Today I am grateful for how she has dealt with her parents separating. I hope she’s as ok on the inside.

– Today I am grateful for her open-mindedness and willingness to embrace my relationship with my girlfriend with all her heart.

– Today I am grateful for her honesty. Children can be very awkwardly blunt sometimes. It’s funny and refreshing.

Lastly I am grateful for my time with her. I am determined to enjoy every second.

Grateful for the memory

Best daughter I could ever dream of

Author: gratitude4gratitude

A relative newbie to gratitude. Starting each day with a gratitude list sets me up for the day. This small effort starts a domino effect of positive action and subsequent serenity.

2 thoughts on “What a diamond”

  1. Oho G, happy birthday to your princess. I see we got them babies that around same age lol. I agree they are great ‘teachers’ and one ‘hell’ of a natural anti depressant, well if you ignore the fact that they could as well be a ‘gleeful’ cause of the itch hahahaha. Please hug her so huggly on my behalf…that she’s got a fan all the way out in Cameroon-Africa. And dear G, children are more resilient than us in most cases because they are more innocent and flexible…I mean by the very fact that their brains are still developing, all they need is some good nature+nurture and it mustn’t be in home with ‘both’ parents. Countless examples abound to make a case for my assertion made as a single parent and psychotherapist. Please enjoy you day and moments together, and kindly check your email tomorrow or the day after hahaha (if you haven’t done so yet lol)

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