Just do

Gratitude List 28/09/2018

I spent 90% of my life doing the bare minimum. At school I didn’t study enough, in sports I didn’t practice enough, at work I didn’t work enough. My attitude towards putting in the required time and effort has been lacklustre to say the least. My attitude can be expressed in many ways:

‘I can’t be bothered.’

‘I’m not in the right mood.’

‘I’d rather do something else.’

‘I don’t need to do it.’

‘I don’t have the time.’

‘Why should I have to do it?’

‘What’s the point of it?’

‘Do I have to?’

Thankfully I found the motivation to put in the diligent effort needed for my recovery. The first time in my life I have really tried. ‘May I do thy will always’ springs to mind.

I am no way near perfect and my sluggish attitude still rears it’s ugly head, almost on a daily basis. And when I’m in that frame of mind, I find it very difficult to turn it around. Today my gratitude reflects on the wisdom I have picked up over the last couple of years. Wisdom that gives me the strength to change my attitude – attitude that leads to action.

‘Change is possible.’

‘I don’t have to be that way.’

‘What else am I going to do?’

‘I don’t need to want to. Just do.’

‘Just pick up the pen and start writing.’

‘One baby step at a time.’

‘Take a leap of faith.’

‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

‘I know I can do it. I’ve done it before.’

‘I know I can do it. I’ve witnessed it.’

‘Nobody else will do it.’

‘This is good for me. I know it is.’

‘What’s stopping me?’

‘Don’t project, just focus on the present.’

‘It works if you work it so work it you’re worth it.’

Grateful for the memory The Red Arrows, London, Summer (yes summer 😂) 2012