Push the right button

Gratitude List 29/09/2018

People will continue to push my buttons. How I react to these tests is vastly improving. Until recovery my normal response would have been to hit the ‘f**k it’ button myself. Safe to say, that never made things better and consistently made them worse. Today, I can reflect on the noticeable improvement in my reactions.

Today I am grateful for:

far less anger and resentment.
– far more calmness and humility.
– far less self pity and isolation.
– far more hope and unity.
– far less frustration and judgement.
– far more consideration and tolerance.
– far less depression.
– far more happiness.
– far less hate.
– far more love.

As a bonus, this often is the same for the other person.

There is still room for improvement, but as long as I keep working it, I will keep progressing.


Grateful for the memory

Montserrat, Catalunya, 2016