Brief but Plenty

Gratitude List 02/10/2018

I just this minute received a text from my ex saying both children are off school today. Nothing serious, my daughter has a sore throat and my son feels sick. A simple and brief moment in my life but upon reflection there is plenty to be grateful for.

Today I am grateful:

– I quickly let go my automatic assumption and resentment that they are both feigning their illness to get off going to school.

– I didn’t start quizzing them trying to prove that they are lying and to prove that my assumption was right.

– I dont care about being right. I want to be happy. I want them to be happy.

– I didn’t see or hear them get upset when their own dad didn’t believe their stories.

– I didn’t question my ex’s decision and responsibilities as a parent.

– I had it in me to thank her for looking after them instead.

The way I look at it, either,

(a) they are genuinely not well and I haven’t effected their happiness, or

(b) it isn’t genuine but I still haven’t effected their happiness.

I can do the parenting bit at the right time and at the right place.

Grateful for the memory

Barcelona, 2015