Baby steps

Gratitude List 03/10/2018

A conversation I had yesterday reminded me of the importance of taking that first step. No matter what I am hoping to achieve, I will not succeed until I take that first bit of action. It doesn’t need to be a big step either, the smallest act can be the start of a positive domino effect that more than often leads to success. In fact, for me, it works better if I break it down into the smallest step – that way there is less chance of me overthinking and procrastinating.

Today I am grateful:

– to pick up a book, I cannot read inspiring literature until I do.

– to unlock my phone, I cannot connect with my fellows and unite until I do.

– to put my phone down, I cannot appreciate someone’s company until I do.

– to write that first word, I cannot write my gratitude list and gain serenity until I do.

– to sit on my chair, I cannot witness recovery and gain hope until I do.

– to get off my chair, I cannot be honest and talk about my feelings until I do.

– to open my eyes, I cannot notice beauty until I do.

– to recognise my defects, I cannot work on them and improve as a person until I do.

– to turn the TV off, I cannot have a quiet half hour all by myself until I do.

– to be willing to believe, I cannot believe and have faith in a greater power until I do.

Grateful for the memory
Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, UK, Winter 2017