The Strong Message

Gratitude List 04/10/2018

The Strong Message.

Not a message. THE STRONG message. That is what I am grateful for today. There is no doubt, every single message of experience, strength and hope have played a part in my recovery and I am very grateful for each one. But I was a very, very sick person and I need a very, very strong message. Anything less and both my abstinence and my life are vulnerable.

So no long list today. My deep gratitude goes to those who share the message that I need. The message that has saved my life and changed my life. I’d be absolutely lost without you.

London, UK

The Carrier

Gratitude List 05/10/2018

Yesterday, I expressed my gratitude towards the strong message that I desperately needed. The strong message I received which turned my life around. The strong message I continue to receive which keeps me progressing in the right direction.

Today my list reflects on the people who carry that strong message. I needed to hear that message again and again until my ears and mind finally opened. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for never ceasing to be that beacon of light.

And then there are the people who carry the message to another on a one-to-one basis. They give up their time and their guidance freely for which I am truly grateful. As a result the strong message has been passed on year after year, decade after decade through thousands of people. I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Today I am grateful for:

– the message of how they admitted their powerlessness and unmanageability.

– the message of how they came to believe that a power greater than themselves could restore them to a normal way of thinking and living.

– the message of how they decided to hand their will and lives over to this greater power of their own understanding.

– the message of how they took a searching, fearless, moral and financial inventory.

– the message of how they admitted to themselves and another the exact nature of their wrongs.

– the message of how they became entirely ready to have their defects of character removed.

– the message of how they humbly asked their greater power to remove their shortcomings.

– the message of how they made a list of those they harmed and became willing to make amends.

– the message of how they made direct amends to such people.

– the message of how they continued to take personal inventory and how they admitted it when they were wrong.

– the message of how they improved their conscious contact with their greater power through prayer and meditation.

– the message of their spiritual awakening, how they practice these principles in their daily lives, and how they have carried this strong message to others.

Thank God I was shown how. As a result I am blessed to be a small part of the strong message.

Grateful for the memory

Tower of London, UK