Living on a Prayer

Gratitude List 07/10/2018

The serenity prayer plays an important role in my life. It was the first and only prayer I ever learnt. It was the first prayer that I had an understanding of. It was the first prayer I got on my hands and knees for. It signifies the beginning of my new life. It signifies the unity and common welfare of thousands of like minded people.

A prayer of just 25 words, but for me, the most amazing prayer. A prayer that can be used in any given scenario.

Today I am grateful that this simple prayer has given me:

– the serenity to accept people for who they are and not react.

– the courage to react in the right way, at the right time.

– the wisdom to know the difference between management of others and the law of attraction.

– the serenity to accept my past.

– the courage to change my present.

– the wisdom to know how and to what extent.

– the serenity to bite my lip.

– the courage to be honest.

– the wisdom to say something or not.

– the serenity to accept the situation I find myself in, no matter how difficult.

– the courage to improve what I can.

– the wisdom to know what is possible and what I have to let go.

– the serenity to accept help.

– the courage to give help.

– the wisdom to know when help is not helpful.

– the serenity to accept I am a human being and therefore liable to mistakes.

– the courage to change and improve the human being I am.

– the wisdom to know when ‘being a human being’ becomes an excuse for not changing.

Grateful for the memory

Life, Lake District, 2018