Gratitude List 13/10/2018

Yesterday, I heard from a close friend who received some well earned, long awaited good news. I’m so happy for him. Genuinely happy. Recovery has taught me how to think of others and be happy for them. Their happiness puts a smile on my face. No more jealousy and envy.

Today I am grateful for the many tools recovery has given me which enable me to connect and unite better with others.

– I can call them. Before recovery, actually calling and speaking to people was a very rare occurrence. I still find it strangely difficult sometimes, which is crazy, because every time I do I feel better.

– I can be the instigator. Always. In the past if someone hadn’t replied or called me back there was no chance I would reach out again. That small but significant resentment only caused me pain. Today, I’m more than happy to make the effort and keep the unity going. I love and care for these people, why would I let something like that get in the way.

– I can pray for others. And I do. All of you. Every night I will get on my hands and knees and pray for your health, strength, happiness and serenity. Whether you’re in a good place or currently facing challenges I will pray for you.

– I can tell them I love them. I know when someone tells me, it means the world. I love a lot of people so why not tell them. For some, it had been some time due to resentments. It was great to tell them again.

– I can be there for them. Be there to support. Be there to listen. Be there to give a hand. I can also turn up to birthdays with a card and not make a crap excuse for how I forgot it at home.