Not the greatest. But still damn good.

Gratitude List 14/10/2018

Not the greatest of days for me. Nothing particularly productive has been done and as a result a few defects have come out. On reflection, when I compare today to a ‘bad day’ a couple of years ago – this is a brilliant day and there is lots to be grateful for.

Today, despite a slight dip in mood, I am still very grateful:

– for doing this list. Along with other suggestions, these lists have become non-negotiable habits.

– that these habits are keeping me more serene than I realise. I think I can be my harshest critic.

– that these habits are inspiring and motivating me to have a better day tomorrow.

– for the growing ability to spot my defects and realise I have slipped into self mode.

– that as a result of these habits, my defects are less defective.

– that I was much quicker to apologise and admit I had been wrong.

– for realising, again, that forgiveness can change my attitude almost instantly.

– that my happiness and serenity has returned. Even more so as I do this list.