Gratitude List 15/10/2018

This morning I have woken with gratitude towards my sanity. I have no idea what my sanity levels are, but whatever they are, I’m happy with them. I’m happy because I know they’ve been lower. I have experienced a degree of insanity in the past. Whilst in action I went against rationale and logic and made the wrong decision again and again as my illness overpowered me on a daily basis. I also see the pain in the faces of others when they want to feel a certain way but it’s impossible for them to do so, no matter how hard they try. That feeling of not knowing what’s happening and why. Also, via the media, I hear, see and read of people who suffer from extreme levels of insanity.

Today I feel, thanks to a greater power and the recovery program, that my sanity has been restored. There are still moments when it occasionally leaves me, but for the main, I feel I have the power to make sane decisions and express how I truly feel. It’s a true blessing that is easily taken for granted.

Today I am grateful for all the things I can do to keep my sanity at a decent level:

– I can connect with a greater power on a regular basis through prayer and meditation.

– I can stay connected with other people and not isolate myself.

– I can continue to take an honest and morale look at myself and learn from my mistakes.

– I can be open and honest and not surpress everything.

– I can take the time to read inspiring recovery based literature.

– I can remain willing and open-minded to all possibilities.

– I can continue to do my daily suggestions and work the recovery program to the best of my ability.

– I can continue to do service and think of others.

Grateful for the memory

Paris, November 2017