A golfing analogy

Gratitude List 16/10/2018

I loved today’s reading. It spoke of the importance of the minds direction. If my mind’s direction is good then progress is sure to follow. By the same token, if my mind’s direction is wrong then I still progress, but in the wrong direction. That doesn’t mean I can’t alter that direction.

I’ve heard someone refer to this using a golf analogy. As a keen golfer I’d like to expand. Apologies to those who don’t walk the fairways. Like the perfect golf shot, if the golfer’s set-up is correct and the clubhead at impact is straight, the ball will start on and continue to follow a true path, progressing in the right direction. There could be an occasional gust of wind but this we accept and as any golfer will know, a true shot travelling in a true direction is less effected. And then we have the wild golf shot. When the set-up is array and the clubhead is askew at impact, the golf ball will instantly start in the wrong direction. The ball will continue on this path, progressing further off course and away from our intended target. Now we are praying for that gust of wind, we lean our bodies in the opposite direction as if we have some power over the wind and gravity. As a last resort we can shout at a tree and ask it to ‘spit it out!’ Thankfully, miracles and interventions do happen.

Once that shot is done I need to hit another. If my previous shot was true, I may feel positive, my confidence may be high and I may flow from one good shot to another. Or, I could be feeling a little negative after a bad start. If so, I need to keep to the suggestions that I’ve learnt in my lessons. Suggestions given by someone who knows better. Suggestions that could change the direction of my round. I need to keep making the same efforts. Practice, practice, practice.

I’m very grateful for this and many other messages that make so much sense to me. There was another message within today’s reading – to think of others. That was all I needed to change the direction of my mind this morning.

Grateful for the memory

Whipsnade Zoo, UK, Summer 2015