Woop woop!

Gratitude List 24/10/2018

After work today I am off to collect my kids for a day and a half. I can’t wait! Naturally, in an ideal world I would get to see them everyday but due to my ‘old self’ that is not the case. I’m determined, and I have been for some time, to cherish every minute I spend with them.

Today I am grateful that I get to see them. Even if it is just 2 nights a week, I know for many different reasons, some aren’t that lucky.

Today I am grateful for our relationship. They never complain having to come to their dad’s and I believe they enjoy it.

Today I am grateful that my girlfriend is the perfect stepmum. I know this can be difficult and I can’t believe how well it has gone. There is a strong bond between them and I believe they love and care for each other. What else could I ask for.

Today I am grateful that despite my best efforts I still have an amicable relationship with their mum. In the thick of things I treated her with zero respect.

Today I am grateful that I do miss them when I’m not with them. It’s sad to say, when my ‘old self’ was in control there were too many times when they didn’t even cross my mind.

Today I am grateful I tell them I love them every time I see them and everyday I call them.

Today I am grateful our relationship is getting better and better. It’s strange that I found this of all relationships the toughest when it came to my defects coming out. I am finding my tolerance and patience is improving.

And finally, I am grateful for recovery and gratitude. Without them I wouldn’t be seeing the best in situations as I I do now. I wouldn’t recognise my defects. I wouldn’t have the humility to admit I was wrong. I wouldn’t have the support or the connection I have.