What gave what?

Gratitude List 25/10/2018

What my illness gave me:

Pain, harm, destruction, resentment, fear, denial, surpression, anger, hate, intolerance, expectation, projection, impatience, insanity, risk, harmful thoughts, dishonesty, ego, loss…..

What the fellowship gave me:

Togetherness, opportunities, resonation, friends, experience, vulnerability, confidence, knowledge, service, a place to go, people to call, the message, the recovery program, a sponsor…..

What working the recovery program with a sponsor has given me:

Hope, belief, faith, strength, sanity, serenity, humility, honesty, tolerance, patience, self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-worth, connection, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, release, industriousness, freedom, safety, health, gratitude, simplicity, peace, acceptance, responsibility, security, maturity, courage, consideration, wisdom, happiness, love, joy, amends, better relationships, better work ethic, forgiveness, change, guidance, direction, purpose, trust, power, recovery, my mind, my soul, my life……

I wonder why I do what I do???


Grateful for the memory Buttermere, Lake District, UK, summer 2018