WE’re only human

Gratitude List 28/10/2018

How I react to life’s challenges has dramatically changed. Which is handy as these challenges come at me on a daily basis. I’m surrounded by human beings so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. As much as ‘I’m only human’ can be a reason for my defects, it’s only right for me to reason in the same way when others show theirs. I can’t keep having one rule for me, one rule for another.

It’s not yet natural for me to show consideration to others and what they may be going through, but I am getting better. The only reason I’m getting better is because of the step work.

Today I am grateful:

– I took the time to learn what consideration actually meant and the morales behind it.

– I revealed to myself through the step work how inconsiderate I can be.

– I took this revelation as a positive, knowing I can use this understanding to be more considerate in the future.

– that disagreements do not progress in the wrong direction and instead they seem to resolve a lot quicker.

– that others aren’t harmed as a result of any resentment I have.

– that I am not harmed as a result of any resentment I have.

– that having this consideration can lead to serenity and the subsequent acceptance of others as they are.

– that having this consideration could lead to me asking for the courage to change the things I can.

– that I always try to consider what part I have played.