A great day

Gratitude List 01/11/2018

This morning, despite the weather, me and my dad went fishing together. It was lovely and I feel truly blessed. Spending quality time with him is something I’ve done numerous times over the last couple of years. I’m embarrassed to say, that during the previous 2 decades my count of how much quality time I spent with him would total zero.

Today I am grateful that recovery has taught me how to forgive my dad for the harm he caused me and my family.

I’m also grateful recovery showed me where I was to blame and how I have returned the harm (with interest).

I am grateful recovery highlighted how much I manipulated my dad to get what I want.

Today I am grateful that recovery led me to stop hiding things from him. Being honest with him was difficult but served a big relief to both of us. Since then he’s been incredibly supportive.

I’m grateful recovery gave me the courage to make amends with him and that he forgave me.

I am grateful recovery has shown me how to be more responsible with my money. I haven’t had to ask or borrow money from my dad I a long time.

I’m also grateful recovery has improved our relationship miraculously. The difference is impossible to put into words.

Today I am grateful for every single second I spend with him.

I am grateful for his health and happiness.

Grateful for the memory