This is a big release

Gratitude List 02/11/2018

Time for some honesty. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve not looked after myself.

Today I am grateful I can honestly look at myself instead of pretending something isn’t happening.

Today I am grateful I can humbly admit I’ve only showered when it’s got to the point where I have little choice. I’ve felt pretty disgusting at certain points.

Today I am grateful I can accept I’ve eaten horrendously. I’ve hit the ‘fuck it’ button so many times with regards to food.

Today I am grateful to admit I haven’t given two hoots about my health, including a pain in my chest.

Today I am grateful to share I’ve only been to the gym 3 times in the last month. I recognise I am slipping back to my lazy ways.

Today I am grateful I’ve not hit the ‘fuck it’ button with regards to anything else. Although I have struggled with some of my old thinking and behaviours.

Today I am grateful I’m doing this list. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve flirted with being open and honest but only skimmed the top.

Today I am grateful for the shower I had this morning. Such a blessing to have one. Today I showed my gratitude by using it.

Today I am grateful that the shower led to a good healthy breakfast.

Today I am grateful I acknowledge I can be my harshest critic. Or am I just taking responsibility?

Today I am grateful I have a higher power who can guide me to what my next step should be.

Today I am grateful I know I’ve slipped back into self at times. Not all the time. It’s pretty black and white – I only seem to hit that ‘fuck it’ button when I’m disconnected and my self has taken charge.

Today I am grateful that this is an example of the challenges I face. Wow. What a contrast to how destructive my problems used to be! In comparison, I am in a far better place.

Today I am grateful I have somewhere to share my thoughts without the fear of being judged. This would normally continue to spin around inside my head and not get dealt with.

Today I am grateful I’m feeling a whole lot better. More motivated, more inspired and through my higher power, more empowered.