Desirable Desires

Gratitude List 07/11/2018

Today my gratitude reflects on my current desires. Presently, every morning I awake with a strong desire to do good. With life being life and me being me, my day doesn’t always pan out the way I had hoped but at least the desire to do good is there. In fact, most days my desire is to do better than good.

I can’t help but reflect on what my desires used to be like. I believe I always had a desire to do good, but this was often overpowered by the desire of my illness to cause harm. I awoke most mornings planning my day around feeding my addiction and my ego.

Today I am grateful I awake with a desire:

– to hand my will over to God and remain connected.

– to be honest.

– to connect with others.

– to be healthy and look after myself.

– to put in diligent effort.

– to share a strong message.

– to be kind and loving.

– to be supportive and understanding.

– to be grateful.

– to be humble.

– to be serene and happy.

– to be the best person I can possibly be.

I am so grateful for the above. Without the initial desires the opportunity to do good wouldn’t even exist. The best way I can show gratitude towards such blessed thoughts is to put these desires into action.