Part Of

Gratitude List 08/11/2018

I had become increasingly isolated. Whether through isolation or my actions I severed ties with so many people. Even if I wasn’t physically alone I felt alone. With that, I had to suffer alone with a mindful of resentment, fear and insanity, and a body void of soul and spirit.

Since my gift of desperation I have increasingly reconnected. Now, even when I’m alone I feel part of. I now feel supported. I now have a sense of togetherness.

Today I am grateful I feel:

Part of the fellowship.

Part of my group of friends.

Part of my team at work.

Part of the community.

Part of my family.

Part of the solution.

Part of mankind.

Part of life.

I don’t want to return to having no one. I’m going to do all I can to stop that from happening.