Give and take

Gratitude List 10/11/2018

Recovery has given me so much to be grateful for. Would I have the same had I not walked into the rooms two and bit years ago? Quite simply, no. Not only has recovery given, it has also taken. Taken away many of my defects and bad behaviours. So today I have two lists, one reflecting on what recovery has given me, and the other reflecting on what recovery has taken away from me.

Today I am grateful for:

– happiness and serenity.

– better relationships.

– a choice.

– will-power (through God).

– humility and faith.

– a purpose.

– self-esteem.

– support and understanding.

– tolerance, patience and consideration.

– a conscience and morales.

– simplicity.

– responsibility.

– maturity.

– connection and unity.

– acceptance, courage and wisdom.

– cherishing time with my loved ones.

– being present.

– gratitude.

Today I am also grateful for:

– not having a washing machine on full spin in my head.

– not suffering with resentment, frustration, hate and anger.

– not causing myself harm.

– not causing others harm.

– not throwing money away.

– not being absent (in more ways than one)

– not screaming at myself.

– not concocting devious plans to hide a lie.

– not selling my children’s possessions to feed my habit.

– not wasting precious time.

– not expecting people to think and act like me.

– not being disappointed when they don’t.

– not suffering from hurry and indecision.

– not hating who I am.