Gratitude List 11/11/2018

I’ve struggled a bit of late. Life has thrown a few tests my way. I have thrown a few more at myself for good measure. To name a few I have suffered with:

– resentment

– hate

– anger

– fear

– intolerance

– frustration

– dishonesty

– sloth

– courseness

– self pity

How do I find a silver lining in this lot?? Quite simply, I have an answer to my problems. All of them. In every defect, in every challenge, in every decision, the answer lies within the recovery program. A blessing I cannot ignore. A blessing, because it hasn’t always been the case. When faced with life’s ups and downs in the past, self created or not, I had no answers other than to dig deeper holes, deny, ignore or surpress. Now I have many tools to use. Many answers.