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Gratitude List 12/11/2018

Further to yesterday, my list reflects on the answers I have when I feel resentment.

How did I deal with resentment in the past? (i) I would let it fester and live rent free in my mind, there was no time limit, I could hold a resentment for decades. (ii) I would react with frustration and anger and make things worse, this would naturally lead to an emotional hangover. (iii) I would live in fear of the consequences and isolate myself from it.

These were the only answers I had. If I had reacted with anger and then suffered with the hangover, then maybe I would’ve followed it up with an empty sorry – a sorry to ease MY pain. There would be no meaning behind it, how could there be? It was their fault.

From having these three destructive options, I now have many answers that are good for me and for those around me. All of these answers have come about as a direct result of working the recovery program. I wasn’t suddenly blessed with such wisdom, I had to work for it.

(i) I can pick up the phone and speak about it, relieving any tension inside.

(ii) I can write about it. Prompting questions will identify how it’s affected me and where I was to blame.

(iii) I can pray and hand it over, humbly asking for my greater power’s guidance.

(iv) I can meditate and listen to the answer.

(v) I can further share with a group of like minded people.

(vi) I can think of the other person and consider why they acted like they did.

(vii) I can choose to forgive, giving me serenity in return.

(viii) I can use the humility I found and remember what I’ve done in the past.

(ix) I can read some recovery based literature. Wise words leap from the page.

(x) After ridding myself of my resentment, I can move on and enjoy the rest of the day.