Answers in action

Gratitude List 13/11/2018

Today I am simply grateful for my returning smile. And along with it my returning serenity.

I’ve had a tough week and in particular the last couple of days. The washing machine has been spinning and spinning and spinning. Thankfully, alongside the spin was a knowledge and awareness of what I need to do. As expressed in my recent lists, through the recovery program I have found some answers. Instead of letting this spin spiral beyond my control, leading me to act out in certain ways, I have been chipping away at it with the tools I have gathered.

Today I am grateful for the 4 meetings I got to. Meetings where I was able to get honest but also spread the message of recovery. Both being absolutely vital for my serenity.

Today I am grateful I wrote about my feelings within my gratitude lists. They seem to have evolved into some form of journalling. They have the ability to change my outlook and attitude.

Today I am grateful I have been humbly getting down on my knees and praying to my greater power night and day. Praying only for His will and guidance.

Today I am grateful I have been thinking of others by doing service inside and outside of the meetings. This naturally takes myself out of self and into a place with spiritual principles.

Today I am grateful I have been trying to connect with my greater power as often as possible. Whether through meditation or by briefly closing my eyes, I am better person when I do.

Today I am grateful I reached out and spoke to my sponsor. What a tool this is! For me, a greater power that has the experience and speaks my language.

My returning smile is no accident or fluke, but a result of having faith in the program and taking the necessary action.


Gratitude List 14/11/2018

What a beautiful sunrise this morning.

Ever reminding me that I stand on a planet amongst thousands of other planets, moons and stars.

I am but no more than a grain of sand in a never-ending desert.

Unique but just a being nevertheless.

Full of life but no more than the trees and grass around me.

Only alive because of the many working miracles that either surround me or are within me.

Much can be explained, but much cannot and need not. Love, soul, spirit,…..

I have my part to play, but no one else’s.

Feeling very humble today…..and a tad poetic!