Enjoying beauty

Gratitude List 15/11/2018

… especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful….

There is so much beauty in the world and its all to see when I’m not wearing my tinted glasses. When I’m wallowing in defects it’s difficult to see anything positive. On the contrary, when I’m full of gratitude, happiness and serenity I notice it all. And guess what!! When I notice it all I get even more gratitude, happiness and serenity! The smallest of things can bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. This morning I see everything.

Today I am grateful I am noticing the beautiful colours of autumn.

Today I am grateful to see a beautiful smile.

Today I am grateful to see the beauty in everyone, even if its hidden behind defects.

Today I am grateful I can hear beauty in someone’s voice.

Today I am grateful to see beauty in someone’s efforts.

Today I am grateful to witness the beauty in someone’s recovery.

Today I am grateful for all the beautiful messages and gratitude lists I have read.

Today I am grateful that this list is making seek out even more beauty.