No need for words

Gratitude List 18/11/2018

Today has been full on in terms of celebrating yesterday’s good news. We have spent a lot of time with my girlfriend’s family. They are all very friendly and very welcoming. To say I am treated like a king would be an understatement, nor would the phrase ‘fed like a king’ be any form of an exaggeration! The only thing is, I have no idea what they are saying. In true British style my interest in learning a language ceased to exist once it became a choice to do so. Despite this, I sat there for hours on end with a huge grin on my face. Why? Because I was a witness to all things beautiful about family. There were zero distractions for me caused by the topic of conversation, all I could do was sit back and enjoy what was unfolding before my eyes.

Today I am grateful that there is no need for words when it comes to witnessing:

– love

– warmth

– togetherness

– happiness

– fun

– unity

– closeness

– comfort

– security

– a sense of belonging

– understanding

– kindness

– generosity

– contentment

– gratitude

It really was a beautiful spiritual experience. Next time, when in company of others and even if I do understand what’s being said, I’m going to remember to appreciate all the qualities that will undoubtedly be on show.

‘…. may bear witness to those I would help of thy power, thy love and thy way of life’.