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Gratitude List 19/11/2018

I’ve been thinking more of my day yesterday. More of how serene it was to watch people converse for hours without me understanding anything.

Today I am grateful for the lesson yesterday has taught me. It has taught me…..

– that I judge people too much on what they say.

– that I get resentful when people don’t meet my expectations.

– that I can be too opinionated and rarely let people have theirs.

– that I can put too much emphasis on what someone says and miss the bigger picture.

– that words and how I understand them often are my fear creators.

– that words can be misunderstood, and never fully express what someone is thinking or feeling.

Basically, yesterday I did not suffer with judgement, resentment, fear, intolerance, impatience, frustration, expectation or pride. Which tells me two things (a) I still suffer with these defects, and (b) I should rely more on what my heart tells me and not what my ears hear (or what my mind reads). It’s like when my ego hears ‘this person doesn’t love me’, when in my heart I know they do, or when my ego hears ‘they’re wrong’, when in my heart I know I am.